In this day and age many families rely on social media to seek referrals for the services they need in everyday life. Estate planning is no exception.

Here is a public post of individuals willing to share their recommendations for our firm's services. We appreciate the time each and every person took out of their day to kindly refer us.

This firm was founded by a mom attorney who wanted to provide other families with the best comprehensive estate planning she put in place for her own family. This firm allows her to do just that and work on a flexible schedule so that she can be present in her children's lives, rather than continuing to work at a large firm with a long commute and even longer hours. Testimonials like these affirm that families value this firm's services and make it possible for this mom attorney to be a constant in her children's lives.

We would also like to thank all the individual and families who express their confidence in retaining our firm to help them through the important and highly personal estate planning process.

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