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WLF was founded to help parents protect themselves and their children.  While you will always be you child's most-loving caretaker, you need to have a plan in place to help your children in you are incapacitated, unavailable, or pass away.  If you don't, the state will be named the guardian of your children under the doctrine of parens patriae - a choice that no parent has ever indicated to us would be best for their children.

Guardian Nominations

Guardian Nomination: Statement of who you would like to raise your minor children if you cannot do so.


Email us at to receive a complimentary Guide to Nominating Guardians from the perspective of a mom attorney!

Temporary Guardian Designation

Temporary Designation of Guardian: Statement of who may care for your children should you or your permanent guardian not be able or available for a short period of time.  We typically recommend these friends and family members live within a 30 minute radius of your home.

We provide a copy for your Family Affairs Legal Manual and a Temporary Guardian Emergency Card to be kept on you at all times!

Child Medical Proxy

Child Medical Proxy:  Grants child’s guardian the authority to make healthcare decisions if parent is unable to do so.  These help to quickly facilitate medical treatment for your children when you are not able to be there to give your consent.  Every child under 18 should have one!  Once a child turns 18, we provide a Health Care Proxy so that parents can review medical records and help make medical decisions for their children.

Guardian Instructions

Providing guidance to your Temporary and Permanent Guardians is crucial to ensure your children are taken care of under extremely stressful situations.  We provide instructions on how to handle transitioning your children to your guardians in an emergency and a memorandum detailing your wishes regarding how your children should be raised (i.e. education, religion, finances, etc.). 

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