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We are excited to announce Tara Wilson is publishing her book, Trustworthy, in July 2020 and pre-orders are being taken now! Here is a link to the campaign:

Story of My Book

This book tells the story of how families have lived and learned to take control of their lives and provide for themselves and future generations using tools once reserved for the wealthy. I wrote this book as a way to help more families create or transform their nonexistent, simple, or incomplete estate plans to help protect their health, wealth, and happiness. My book will publish in July, 2020.

Living Trustworthy: The Enlightenment of Modern Estate Planning My name is Tara Wilson and I am the author of Living Trustworthy. I wrote this book because far too many Americans never put an estate plan in place simply because it seems confusing, overwhelming, expensive. It is also an emotional process. This book demystifies and simplifies estate planning to show why every American family is worthy of a trust. My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover that estate planning is not about death; it is about taking control of your life for the benefit of you, your family, and generations to come. Just like the entrepreneurial revolution has hit America, an estate planning enlightenment has swept throughout the country over the past twenty years, but it has not reached a tipping point, where it is accessible or even understood by everyone, yet. In this book, I hope to instill the same passion and excitement in you that I have for protecting families and their assets. Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you take control of your life, your assets, and your legacy to help protect and provide for you and your family. My goal is to simplify the process and excite everyone to join this movement to help themselves and their families. This book simplifies the estate planning process to make it more understandable and economical so that everyone can take control of their lives, their assets and their legacy in an unprecedented fashion. In this book, you'll learn about the best methods to take care of yourself and your family with estate planning, and more specifically, revocable living trusts:

  • Brynn experienced the loss of her mother and then her inheritance, most notably a home that had been in her family for generations, because her mother’s estate plan was not well thought out and discussed.

  • An original de Kooning painting worth $160 million was sold to a thrift store with a truckload full of other household belongings for $2,000 by a family member who wasn’t told there was anything valuable in the home.

  • A woman who failed to document her wishes in an estate plan lived in a brain-dead state for 15 years while her husband and parents went to war in the courts, legislatures, and public arena to determine what she would’ve wanted.

  • A family who had the forethought to organize their paperwork and establish trusts was able to privately protect themselves and three generations to come.

You will love this book if you want to learn what wealthy families have done for over a century to perpetuate their wealth. This will teach you how to organize your life, protect yourself, your family and your assets, minimize the time, fees, hassles, and emotional issues during some of life’s inevitable events, and establish a legacy that will live on. Living Trustworthy: The Enlightenment of Modern Estate Planning is a non-fiction book that speaks to all Americans. This will help shed traditional beliefs and teach everyone how to implement their estate planning and, more specifically, trusts, for the first time.

There are 5 parts to the book:

Part I contains the Introduction and Chapters 1-3. The Introduction gives an overview of how this topic impacts families. It helps individuals to shift to a positive mindset, one that revolves around life, personal control, and peace of mind. Part II. Evolution contains Chapters 4-6. In this part, you will see the beginning of the evolution of estate planning from a point of procrastination and lack of knowledge in one generation and its impact on the next generation. These chapters focus on Brynn Robertson and her journey into adulthood, facing some of life’s most joyful moments and the depths of despair. Part III. Enlightenment contains Chapters 7-10. In these chapters, Brynn’s story continues with her enlightenment from the lessons learned from her mother’s estate planning. Determined to do things differently, she takes control of her life and proactively plans for the expected and unexpected. This planning helps her get over her heartache and trust again, in large part because she shields herself from experiencing the financial ruin she previously faced. Part IV. Keys to Happiness contains Chapters 11-13. These chapters focus on love, health and wealth. Chapter 11 focuses on love; your relationships with family and friends; caring for others and allowing them to care for you in time of need. Chapter 12 focuses on your financial wealth, both tangible and intangible. Chapter 13 shifts focus to your health and how some well-thought out decisions can help you and your family when you cannot speak for yourself, learning a valuable lesson from the story of Terri Schiavo. Part V. Living Trustworthy contains Chapters 14-17. These chapters will guide you to form the foundation of your estate plan. Chapter 14 details the story of my estate plan evolution, one that you can replicate with a bit of legwork. Chapter 15 focuses on the legal foundation, the revocable living trust, that safeguards your assets and elaborates on the guidelines for you and future generations. It teaches you how to not make the same mistakes as one of America’s richest families, the Vanderbilts. Chapter 16 leads back to your assets and some more legwork, this time organizing and aligning those assets with your new revocable living trust. Chapter 17 takes your estate planning to the next level by leaving a legacy.

What I Need & What You'll Get

This book will be published with New Degree Press. I set up the pre-order tiers to help cover the costs for publishing my book. Money raised will go towards the following:

  • The Editor I will work with to revise and publish my manuscript in July, 2020.

  • The Cover Design of my Book - the mockups you see currently are a placeholder!

  • The Layout Design for the interior of my book (Physical Copy, Ebook Formats)

  • The Copyediting for My Book - to help polish the grammar and spelling prior to publication

  • The Launch & Promotion Efforts for my book - when I ultimately publish this Summer

  • When I pre-sell 100 copies of my book, I will publish.

  • When I pre-sell 150 copies of my book, I will also publish an audiobook.

  • When I pre-sell 200 copies of my book, I will publish a hardcover edition.

I am also offering some EXCLUSIVE REWARDS FOR PEOPLE WHO PRE-ORDER my book now:

  • You will receive a personally signed copy of my book when I publish

  • A personal, handwritten thank you note for pre-ordering my book

  • Your name will appear in a Special Acknowledgements section of my book (“with Special Thanks to”)

  • Early access to the Introduction of my book and my entire manuscript, with the opportunity to review it and give me early feedback

  • The opportunity to help give me feedback and be involved in selecting my cover

  • Invitation to launch party

  • Invitation to book speaking engagements where I will share experience of writing my book and teaching how to create your family trust including setting up special gatherings for you and a group of family and friends

  • Superfans will be entitled to one-on-one counseling on how to best protect your family & assets

About the Author

Tara Wilson is an estate planning attorney with almost two decades of experience, practicing in some of the top law firms in the United States. Her resume includes Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP, Skadden Arps Slate Meagher and Flom, LLP, Howrey, LLP, as well as a boutique trusts and estates firm. In addition, she is a Lecturer of Law in Boston University Law School’s Graduate Tax Program, teaching Advanced Estate Planning to Juris Doctor and Master of Laws students. Tara graduated with her Masters of Law in Taxation and a Certificate in Estate Planning from Georgetown University School of Law, a Juris Doctor from George Washington University Law School, and a Bachelors of Art from American University in Washington, DC. Tara has built her practice by taking a holistic approach to develop a customized and comprehensive solution to meet each client’s unique estate planning goals. This includes foundational trust planning and funding, as well as gifting and estate-freezing techniques, such as grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and intentionally defective grantor trusts. Upon an incapacity or death, Tara counsels family members and fiduciaries in probate and trust administrations, including the preparation and submission of probate court cases and estate tax returns. Most importantly, Tara is a mom to two amazing children, Colby and Kaylin. It was while she was on maternity leave with her son, Colby, that prompted her to revamp her own estate plan so that any member of her family could easily understand what they needed to do. She created an instruction manual to minimize the expense and headache of handling an administration in court. For more information you can connect with Tara at and

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