We are excited to announce Tara Wilson is publishing her book, Trustworthy, in July 2020 and pre-orders are being taken now! Here is a link to the campaign:

Story of My Book

This book tells the story of how families have lived and learned to take control of their lives and provide for themselves and future generations using tools once reserved for the wealthy. I wrote this book as a way to help more families create or transform their nonexistent, simple, or incomplete estate plans to help protect their health, wealth, and happiness. My book will publish in July, 2020.

Living Trustworthy: The Enlightenment of Modern Estate Planning My name is Tara Wilson and I am the author of Living Trustworthy. I wrote this book because far too many Americans never put an estate plan in place simply because it seems confusing, overwhelming, expensive. It is also an emotional process. This book demystifies and simplifies estate planning to show why every American family is worthy of a trust. My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover that estate planning is not about death; it is about taking control of your life for the benefit of you, your family, and generations to come. Just like the entrepreneurial revolution has hit America, an estate planning enlightenment has swept throughout the country over the past twenty years, but it has not reached a tipping point, where it is accessible or even