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WLF will help you and your family proactively plan to help alleviate the stress and emotional turmoil faced when there is a period of illness, incapacity, and/or death.  Some of the proactive planning we provide below helps ensure that you avoid the legal hurdles that your family and friends will face in serious circumstances.

Health Care Proxy

Grants another person the authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.  This person is referred to as your Health Care Agent.

HIPAA Release

Authorizes release of confidential medical records to Healthcare Agents so they can make the best informed decisions on your behalf.

Advance Directive

Statement of your desire that the process of dying not be artificially prolonged if you are terminally ill.  This helps your Health Care Agent follow your wishes, alleviates your Agent from having to make such a difficult emotional decision, and gives your family the peace of mind that your decision was honored to avoid guilt and potential family fights.

Final Disposition Instructions and Authorization

Statement for your Health Care Agent and family to lay you to rest according to your preferences.  The more information you can provide to your family will help them follow your wishes and get them through the difficult and emotional period after they have lost you.

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