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WLF hosts Guardian Nomination Workshops throughout the year. Parents must protect their minor children in the event they become incapacitated or pass away. While it is hard to imagine any one else raising your child, as a parent you must name guardians to care for your children in the event that you cannot. This workshop will teach you what factors to consider when naming guardians for your children, will help you sort through your options in a brainstorming session, and at the end of the class you will legally name guardians for your children. The resulting Nomination of Guardian will allow you to leave the class with peace of mind knowing that your children will be cared for even if you cannot do so.

WLF is a family-focused boutique law firm specializing in estate planning located in Andover, Massachusetts and Washington, DC. We help parents like you organize your affairs, in style, to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones. We are so passionate about providing "a plan for every family" that we meet families throughout Massachusetts and DC in their homes or offices and have some evening and weekend appointments available every month for utmost convenience. (978) 296-4140 |

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